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Star Trek Hetfic

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Name:Star Trek Hetfic
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Hetfic for all Star Trek incarnations (movies, TV, novels)
Welcome to [community profile] trek_het! We are the Dreamwidth counterpart to the Livejournal community [ profile] trek_het. We welcome all incarnations of Trek, all ratings, and all pairings. We love crossovers, original characters, alternate universes, and genderbending/genderswap! We are slash-friendly; we just ask that fics posted here have a het pairing as a primary pairing. RPF is not permitted unless a Star Trek character appears as part of a primary pairing.

1) You must be at least 18 years of age to join this community.
2) Please post your works behind cut tags, or use a fake cut to your journal.
3) If the visible parts of your post (title, summary, teaser icons, etc.) contain material that is not appropriate for general audiences, please friends-lock your post so that it is visible to community members only.
4) Be sure to include a header and a rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17).
5) Please tag your entries, and let the mod know if the community is missing a tag you need.
6) Please warn for potentially triggering content, or state that you have chosen not to warn.
7) No flaming, pair-bashing, or character-bashing. All pairings and characters are equal and equally loved here at [community profile] trek_het.
8) This community does not tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry.
9) Please address all questions or concerns to [personal profile] azephirin via PM, or leave a comment on this post.
10) Posts containing anything other than fic, art, vids, or meta require the mod's permission.
11) Have fun!


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amanda grayson, b'elanna torres, benjamin sisko, beverly crusher, borg, captain archer, captain pike, carol marcus, christine chapel, classic star trek, crack, crossovers, deanna troi, deep space nine, doctor/seven, ds9, emony dax, enterprise, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, feminism, fic, fighting sexism, fuck you she's awesome, gaila, genderswap, george kirk, george/winona, girl!kirk, girl!mccoy, girl!spock, het, het without heteronormativity, hetfic, hikaru sulu, hoshi sato, idic, jadzia dax, jadzia/worf, james t. kirk, james tiberius kirk, janeway/chakotay, janeway/paris, janice rand, jean-luc picard, jim kirk, joanna mccoy, jonathan archer, kathryn janeway, kirk/carol, kirk/gaila, kirk/joanna, kirk/rand, kirk/uhura, klingons, leonard mccoy, malcolm reed, mccoy/chapel, mccoy/emony, mccoy/jocelyn, mirrorverse, montgomery scott, next generation, number one, nyota uhura, ofcs, original characters, paris/torres, pavel chekov, phlox, picard/crusher, pike/colt, pike/gaila, pike/number one, pike/winona, rewriting toxic myths, riker/troi, romulans, saavik, sarek, sarek/amanda, science fiction, scotty/gaila, scotty/uhura, seven of nine, seven/doctor, spock, spock/chapel, spock/saavik, spock/t'pring, spock/uhura, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek xi, star trek: aos, star trek: ds9, star trek: enterprise, star trek: reboot, star trek: tng, star trek: tos, star trek: voyager, starfleet, strong female characters, sulu, t'pau, t'pol, t'pring, the final frontier, the next generation, tng, tom paris, tos, trek, trip tucker, trip/t'pol, u.s.s. enterprise, ufp, uhura, uhura/chekov, uhura/mccoy, united federation of planets, uss enterprise, voyager, vulcans, winona kirk, womanism, women, worf, writing
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